Festive Fall Fever

Hello Dudes and Dolls!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Mine was… interesting? Let’s just say that there was a drama-llama who caused a lot of unnecessary stress and gloom during one of my favorite days of the year. But I tried to just go with the flow, and as Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 5 winner Jinx Monsoon likes to say, it’s just

Water off a Duck's Back

If you want to see what I did for Halloween, I’ll leave a few pictures at the bottom of this post since this is about what you can do for those fancy family Thanksgiving dinners. This time of year is always my favorite because I get to play with lots of golds, oranges, and browns. Below are some examples of easy smokey eyes. All you need to do is lay down your gold or orange all over your mobile lid, and then blend your browns through the crease and pack it on the outer corners of your eyes. Just be sure to blendblendblend! The eyeliner and mascara is all up to you!

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving. xx

gold and brown smokey eye close-up
Gold and Brown Smokey Eye
close-up gold smokey eye
Gold and Brown Smokey WILD Eyes
close-up orange smokey eye 3
Orange and Brown Smokey Eye

Some of my favorite fall eyeshadow colors are listed below with their prices. They are grouped by cosmetic brand.


Below contains images that could be considered graphic due to the appearance of scars and blood. Viewer discretion is advised.

viewer discretion

Inspired by Glam&Gore on YouTube. My take on Mykie’s Exorcist tutorial.


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